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Plate 2019/2020

Round:- Preliminary / Semi Finals / Finals

Rules ...
All cup and plate matches start at 8pm
No new players may sign on on the Knock-out Cup or Plate match day.
Players must have played in a league game.
All players to be named at start of match.
Players may play one singles and/or one doubles
Toss for first break, away Captain to call and decide to break odd frames or evens (throughout the match)
Home team to referee frames 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 [Away team to time-keep]
Away team to referee frames 2, 4, 6, 8 [Home team to time-keep]
Please use the correct results sheets
Results sheets must be sent to the Results Secretary by no later than the Friday of the match week.

Plate Knock-out Cup - Preliminary Round

24 February 2020

8pm start

Eight frames - 6 singles and 2 doubles


Home Team 24 February 2020 Away Team
Catt Crown v Wanderers
Skinners A v The Grange

Draw took place at The Brantham Leisure Centre on 29 January 2020


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