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Ladies' Singles Knock-out 2015/16

Monday 6 June 2016

8pm Start

Draw to take place on the night
Players must have played in the league match to qualify to play in this event

Cattawade Crown
Valerie Adams (Catt Crown)
Debbie Pembroke (Brantham Leisure B)
Emma Mattison (Mtree Crown A)
Marie Davey (Strangeways)
Amber Brogan (Red Lion A)
Diane Hartin (Hare and Hounds)
Runner up
Valerie Adams (Catt Crown)
Diane Hartin (Hare and Hounds)

2015/16 Winner will host the 2016/2017 Ladies Competition

Winner may go on to play in the Year 2016 Champion of Champions competition

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